Similarly to search engine advertising, Facebook advertising can be a paid shortcut to success.

You can purchase banner ads on the site and pay per impression (every time the ad is shown) or per click.

The click rate is higher, but the per impression is most useful for branding purposes, not direct sales.

The mechanics of placing an ad on FB are beyond the scope of this document.

What Facebook wont tell you

• The response rate is abysmal. On the positive side, advertising on FB is cheap compared to other banner ads, however this may be a reflection of the low response.

• Users have acute ad blindness. You will have a tough time getting your ad noticed, an remembered, whether they click on it or not. Facebook is studying the situation.

• The best use of ad-space is to promote activities within the Facebook environment, such as your fan page. Another good way to encourage spreading your message is through contests and giveaways.
In other words, you have to adapt your advertising to the Facebook environment if you are going to find success. You have to learn to sell and promote your services indirectly.