“Miracle” at Fort Morgan

How a Colorado ranch-wife helped a whole town slim down



OBODY LOOKS less like a crusaderthan Lydia Brandt of Fort Morgan, Colorado. Small, quiet, shy by nature, she tends to be a listener, not a talker;looks more like a viewer of life than a doer of big deeds.


            Yetmore than 400 Fort Morgan families have felt the impact of this diminutivebrown-eyed ranch-wife’s winning personality—felt it in a very personalway!  For Lydia helped all of them slimdown.


            Thismass figure-reshaping project didn’t come about simply because Lydia decidedone day everybody in Fort Morgan was too fat. Her zeal in stirring a whole town to action was the result of a personal“miracle” in her life.  After being aheavyweight for 10 years, Lydia could suddenly wear a size 10 dress!  Using Stauffer Home Reducing Plan, she hadsurely but steadily cut her weight from 184 to 122 pounds, each one locatedexactly where she wanted it.


            Andwhen this miracle happened to her body, a miracle also seemed to happen in herheart.  Her spirits lifted.  She was happy just to be alive.  And she wanted to help others solve theirweight problems just as she had.


            NowLydia was anything but a born saleswoman. If there were charity bazaar tickets to sell, for example, Lydia wouldbe inclined to buy them all herself rather than pester anybody.


            Butshe was too deeply moved by her miracle to hug it to herself.  Believing firmly in the plan that had broughther a slender new figure at 37, she was determined to see that other people hada chance to try it.


            Quietly,but with deep conviction,